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From CUNA Mutual Group, April 2010:

"Roger rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in on a project that converted a desktop application to use a web services interface with a SQL Server back-end. His work ethic and dedication were obvious throughout the project as he churned out high-quality code in quick order. His insights often led us to stronger solutions than originally envisioned. He displayed a well-rounded set of skills and was eager to learn new things as well."

Paul J. Buhr
Senior Analyst, Investment Technology
CUNA Mutual Group
Madison, WI
April 2010

From Winterthur US Holdings, December 2006:

"Roger has been instrumental in completion of many new as well as many break-fix projects for our internal clients. His work was of superior quality, came with detailed documentation and was always performed in a timely fashion."

Michael F.
Web Applications Manager
Winterthur US Holdings
Sun Prairie, WI
December 2006

From RMT, Inc., May 2005:

"Roger Martin was a key resource on a recent client project that had tight timelines and a very complex design. He was able to sift through the requirements and information that were available, ask the appropriate questions to fill the gaps, and quickly develop functional deliverables. Without his technical expertise in the Microsoft .NET development environment, we would have never gotten the project off the ground."

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone take something from concept to deliverable faster than Roger. He asked the required questions throughout the process and cranked out code like a machine."

"What makes Roger unique in his role is his communication and people skills. Not only is he a technical wizard, but he's personable, honest, easy to work and talk with, and friendly. He took and followed direction extremely well, but didn't hesitate to bring up issues and concerns when necessary."

"It's a good thing Roger enjoys being an IT consultant. Otherwise, he'd be snatched up by the first company he worked for. I would hire Roger back in a second."

Matt Dedrick
Manager, IT Services
RMT, Inc.
Madison, WI
May 2005

From Helix Technology Corp, November 2004:

"Roger Martin has been providing software solutions for us for several years, and he has consistently provided results above and beyond our expectations. He's a whiz with web sites and programs, but even more importantly, he understands how our company operates, and he works with the relevant departments to create robust and easy-to-use solutions in a timely manner."

"One of Roger's projects was to replace our inefficient and error-prone paper-based returned materials authorization (RMA) process with a more streamlined, software-based solution. He took the time to interview employees in each department. After a thorough analysis, he came up with a revised process that incorporated a custom-built, SQL Server-based Access application that reduced turn-around time, provided employees with instantaneous and complete information, and produced reports that allow us to quantitatively monitor our process. As an added bonus, our employees love to use it."

"Other projects he successfully implemented include: building our intranet from the ground up, implementing an automated time sheet submission and approval web application, successfully migrating all our company data from our legacy software to a new ERP system, and helping many of our employees with their Excel and Access issues."

"Roger is friendly, unassuming, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services."

Bob Gray
IT Manager Technical Services
Helix Technology Corporation
Mansfield, MA
November 2004